Wild Eats at Wildflour

I learned about Wildflour since last year but only had a chance to dine in there when I started to work. Wildflour is conveniently located behind my office so it’s easy to go to. I haven’t tried all the food they have yet, everyone says the kimchi rice is good but on my first visit […]

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Thailand Adventure: Part 1

I had a quick weekend getaway in Bangkok last month. It was a bit of a rushed trip! I booked my flight about a week prior to when I planned to leave and I was just there for two days. I went straight to work from my flight. Thailand is my first overseas trip, and […]

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Greek Eats at Feta

If you are looking for an affordable and good place to satisfy your Greek food cravings, Feta is the way to go. Their menu is pretty straightforward. You have your hummus plates, bread, main course, pasta, pizza, and desserts. The menu is designed with different facts about Greece which I found pretty cool and entertaining. […]

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Spending one day in Davao

I had another work trip outside Luzon, and this time I went to Davao! I am super excited because Davao is known for its discipline and cleanliness and I wanted first hand experience. It was a very peaceful flight. As the airplane was getting ready for descent, I could see how green and nature-y Mindanao […]

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First time: Cebu

There’s so much of the Philippines that I have yet to visit but never get the chance to. Two weeks ago, I had my first business trip to the Queen City of the South… CEBU! I had an early morning flight and of course I got a window seat. No idea where this is, but […]

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Japanese eats: Maisen, Greenbelt

Whenever someone mentions Japanese food to me, I always think of sushi. I never really sought Japanese food, but I like it. During my last year in college, my friends brought me to this nearby Japanese food place that serves Katsu… and there goes the expansion of my Japanese food knowledge. My friend had his […]

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Healthy Eats in Soya Bar

Taho was one of my favorite childhood food. I remember waking up early waiting for the taho vendor to pass by our house. Years have passed, and now the taho vendor doesn’t pass by our house. Actually, I don’t see any taho vendors at all here. I don’t think they do that anymore except in […]

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Preppy Pen fountain pen

Ever since highschool, I have started investing on pens. Around junior or senior year, I added notebooks to my investment. I like writing — literally and figuratively. Having to do lots of it way back, I understood how important it is to get a pen that fits you and smooth paper to write on. Since […]

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