Explore Singapore: Day 2

I had a full day for day two because my flight wasn’t until 1 AM. I didn’t have a fixed itinerary and the only place I truly wanted to see was iLight which I managed to tick off my checklist yesterday. We started our day by going to the Lasalle College of Arts. I can’t […]

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Explore Singapore: Day 1

This year’s first international trip is Singapore! I have always wanted to visit eversince I was young. People always say that SG is one (if not the) of the cleanest and most disciplined country in the world. I was very specific with my travel dates due to a global work event that I wanted to […]

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Travel Vlog: Thailand

I’ve been blogging about my Thailand trip in my previous posts. I don’t think I can put more emphasis on how much I love this country. For my second time, my friend was taking videos of our trip and I decided to do the same (although I wasn’t as successful as he was since I […]

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Where to Shop in Bangkok

It’s impossible to leave Bangkok without buying anything. There are malls all over and night markets are sprawling everywhere. Whether you are looking to buy something high-end or something that’s Bangkok-made, you can find it here. Here are some of the well-known shopping areas in Bangkok: 1. Chatuchak Weekend Market Perhaps the most famous market […]

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How to Go Around Bangkok

My first visit to Bangkok last February, we got a tour and was there for only two full days and wasn’t able to see much of the place. It was a rushed trip (we booked a week before leaving) and then we had trip problems when we arrived so we were tired and beat after […]

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Thailand Adventure: Part 2

(After three months, here’s Part 2!) So we get to our hotel and the receptionist tells us that there is no room available because the AC is broken. He said he’ll transfer us to a different hotel. Okay, fine. At this point we can’t really be choosy. It’s late, we’re tired, and we have a […]

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Spending one day in Davao

I had another work trip outside Luzon, and this time I went to Davao! I am super excited because Davao is known for its discipline and cleanliness and I wanted first hand experience. It was a very peaceful flight. As the airplane was getting ready for descent, I could see how green and nature-y Mindanao […]

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First time: Cebu

There’s so much of the Philippines that I have yet to visit but never get the chance to. Two weeks ago, I had my first business trip to the Queen City of the South… CEBU! I had an early morning flight and of course I got a window seat. No idea where this is, but […]

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