Candle Review: Thankful

Photo from Pinterest

This is another candle purchase where I had no idea what it’s going to smell like. There isn’t a lot of reviews out there and the ones that exist don’t really capture a clear picture (smell?). The Aromatherapy line has been generally pleasant for me so I decided to go for it.

So this is what Jesus’ manger smelled like… if you remember, the Three Kings gifted him with gold, frankincense, and myrrh when he was born.

Now I understand why there’s not much reviews of this candle. The scent is a little hard to describe. It’s not as overpowering and as strong as other candles and I find it generally pleasant.

Its smell is a bit on the mild side. It takes a bit to waft around the room when lighted. It has some hints of powder and slight woody or incense smell. I can definitely imagine the scent to be worn by a man.

The closest candle I can think of is Palo Santo. Palo Santo is a bit stronger and very woody — sawdust is the closest scent I can think of. They’re a little bit similar with that soft woody scent.

As for the name, I can only think that it’s called Thankful because the celebration of Christmas is important to Catholics. Beyond the birth of Jesus, it’s a time for us to be with our families and think about how the year has treated us. It can’t always be our best year, but we’re always thankful that we survived the year.

I love this scent so much! I got it in body wash and it comes in this gold elixir like color. Very appropriate for its name! The scent of the body wash is just like the candle. It’s mild that I can put perfume over it without affecting the perfume’s smell.

I recommend this candle for people who are fans of incense and woody scents. It takes a while before this scent goes across the room and from experience it’s not very strong smelling compared to other candles.

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