Candle Collection

The 10 month quarantine introduced so many hobbies for me. During the start of the quarantine I bought two plants to take care of. One died – it was an indoor plant that didn’t need much light but I put it out in the sun for so long. The second plant is a butterfly which I repotted since it has grown so much. I am so proud of that plant’s growth because it was recovering from the ashfall, but has managed to survived — thanks to my green thumbs.

The rest of the year became a blur, but last November I bought my first ever Bath and Bodyworks scented candle — a 3-wick Mahogany Teakwood. It was love at first scent.

I remember going to Bath and Bodyworks in Thailand and getting overwhelmed with the selection. I never buy anything because it seemed expensive and I had too much lotion and perfume to use. I never paid attention to the candles because I don’t like fire. When I was younger, there was a really strong media campaign about fire month and it stuck with me, so I really avoid flames as much as possible. I don’t even know how to light a match for fear of setting myself on fire — yep, not burning a part of my skin, but setting my whole body on fire.

Almost a month later (I discovered these candles on black Friday), I am now an owner of 11 candles – 9 3-wick candles and 3 1-wick candles. It’s a modest collection compared to the pyramids you see online but I am on my way there as soon as I figure out where I will store my empty jars. I currently am finished with three: Mahogany Teakwood, Sweater Weather, and Fresh Balsam.

My own Christmas tree!

I’m also happy to announce a new section on my blog dedicated to my reviews about these candles. I’ve been slacking a lot on content, and I personally had trouble figuring out how much I will like the scents of some of the candles I bought. Some reviews I would watch/read compared it to other scents and having no comparison makes it difficult to imagine how one does smell.

I’m very excited to start on this new project and I hope it’ll get more people to enjoy 3-wick candles! I’ve always been into good smells so it’s such a surprise why it took me so long to start buying candles.

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