My first spin!

Two things about me: a.) I don’t know how to ride a bike, and b.) I don’t exercise.

When it comes to exercising or working out, my friends know that they can never approach me or invite me to go to the gym. It’s not like I’m blatantly screaming that I don’t like to exercise —- I just don’t. The most that I try to do is a walk from the office to where I ride the van going home. On average, I would say my steps are normally at 3,500 a day stretched to 5,000 if I decide to walk around the mall. The only time it spikes is when I go overseas.

Nonetheless, I have always been so curious with SoulCycle. I think I heard it from the Kardashians. Despite not being physically active, it just has that appeal to me. It looks fun. We still don’t have SoulCycle here in Manila, but we have opened RideRev, Perigon, and a bunch of other spin places and people I follow on Instagram go there regularly.

Spin class is slightly gaining popularity here, but I have never been to a single class. One, most people seem to be wearing sexy athleisure – I don’t. And two, it looks so pumped up whilst my cardio is generally terrible so I feel that I will just get very conscious the whole time.

I recently got a ClassPass account and it has a spin class in Alabang. I got really excited because until now I am so curious to try it out. I keep chickening out because it’s worth five credits! I decided to talk to a few of my friends who do it regularly and they said that it’s a lot of fun and try to assuage my concerns, particularly on being behind.

As I was about to book my class, I saw that Gold’s Gym had a spin class for only two credits. This is it! The heavens are really aligning for me to do a spin class. It’s cheaper and although it’s not the same atmosphere wherein we are in a dark room, it’s all right.

And so it goes, I had my first spin class on a Friday after work. The class starts at six and I was so scared about being late that I left work at 5:00 and rushed to Town Center to make it on time. It was a 10 minute drive so I was extremely early.

Early for my class. Waiting and I was also a bit nervous!

The class started on time, and all I can say is: I get it. I get why it is so addicting, and why it’s so hyped. It’s so much fun! I barely kept up with the class and could only stand on the bike for small increments of time but that’s already me pushing my self. I had a lot of fun! It was tiring, but I never ran out of breath or felt like I was going to throw up or be very dizzy. Some people like that feeling but I hate that. It’s why I don’t like high intensity work outs because it takes away the fun for me.

I got into class and talked to someone who was fixing their bike and asked them to help me out. She was younger than I am and when I asked her if it was difficult, she said that I’ll be glad it’s the weekend tomorrow. I think I already knew the answer to the question.

What the spin class area of Gold’s Gym Town Center looks like.

The funniest part is probably when the class ended and the instructor told us to get off our bikes. I was immediately confused because I didn’t know how to do it. My thighs hurt whilst sitting and as I got off the bike, I cannot feel the floor. My legs were so weak! I took my time to stand up and pretended I was busy texting and drinking water while I try to get my senses back.

It was definitely funny, because walking was okay, but every time I had to bend my knee, it feels like its going to fall off or it’s so weak, I’m gonna fall over. My Mom was waiting for me at the other end so I made her walk to me because the stairs is so much difficult.

My stuff is nearby me and I brought home a lot of things. It was such a challenge on how I was going to bend over and pick them up from the floor!

My legs still hurt for a good four days. But I’ll definitely enjoy it and will like to try it again. I honestly haven’t gone back since then as the available spin classes in Gold’s Gym isn’t aligning with my schedule but I hope to go back soon.

Just a tip — crotch burn is real and you are at high risk of it during spin class. Wear thicker leggings or shorts over your bottoms.

Join ClassPass and get up to PHP 1,500 or USD 40 off your first month membership! ClassPass allows you to get credits every month which you can use to different accredited gyms/fitness centers and also health and wellness centers like spas and salons! It’s really a great choice if you’re like me who’s just trying out different work outs and get bored easily or you don’t want to commit to a certain gym or fitness center. The icing on the cake is that they operate globally so you can still do work outs if you’re overseas!

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