Preppy Pen fountain pen

Ever since highschool, I have started investing on pens. Around junior or senior year, I added notebooks to my investment.

I like writing — literally and figuratively. Having to do lots of it way back, I understood how important it is to get a pen that fits you and smooth paper to write on. Since I have tiny handwriting, my staple pens are the 0.5 mm Faber Castell and 0.3/0.4 mm. Pilot G-Tech pens. The G-tech pens were a little more expensive than the ordinary pens, but I really liked how smooth my handwriting turns out.

Such obsession for pens and notebooks lasted until now. I’d always request for my friends to get me notebooks as a gift, while I would continuously look for pens with great thin writing.

Just recently, my friend told me about her fountain pen, the Preppy pen. I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like having a fountain pen and since the Preppy pen were a beginner’s pen and didn’t cost much, I bought some earlier this week.




They don’t look like the fancy fountain pens you’d normally see, so they kinda set off a friendlier and less formal vibe.

The nib (tip) comes in three sizes: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 mm. I got 0.3 mm. for both colors since the thickness is enough for my handwriting’s size.



Here’s a sample of the writing. The ink is consistent all throughout and it feels smooth to write on paper. I’ve never had a problem of ink not showing when I write on the surface, but I think it can happen the future or it depends on how you hold the pen. In my case the pen writes fluidly no matter how I hold the pen.

The Preppy pen costs more than the usual pens that I have, but a good thing is that I can just change re-fill inks when it runs out. Assuming that this pen stays in this condition until it’s time for me to replace the cartridge, I don’t think I’d need to constantly buy them.

Since I’m a bore, I only got blue and black. The preppy pen comes in other colors also such as pink, violet, red, and green. The pen costs almost Php 200, while the cartridge is Php 79 for two pieces.

If you’re into writing and pens as I am, the Preppy pen is definitely a good pen to buy. It’s perfect for note-taking and the ink doesn’t bleed through. If you’re looking to just try out fountain pens, you can just buy these one before you spend an arm and leg on other pens.

Happy writing!

2 thoughts on “Preppy Pen fountain pen

  1. I feel relieved that I am not the only one who makes a big deal about pens πŸ™‚ I can relate. I really need a trusty pen to write my thoughts, my works, etc. πŸ˜€ Fun read!


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